ICELAM is an international conference focusing on the latest developments and sharing of knowledge in educational leadership and management. It was initially known as the Regional Conference on Educational Leadership and Management (RCELAM) and was organised by IAB biennially since 2009.

The 2nd theme of ICELAM 2021 is “Resilient Leadership in the New Normal of Education”. 'Resilient' or 'Resilience' is the human ability to face adversity, setbacks and trauma, and then recover for them to live life to the fullest. Resilient leaders have the ability to maintain their level under pressure, cope with disruptive changes and adapt. They rise from setbacks. They also overcome great difficulties without engaging in meaningless behavior or endangering others. Resilience is an important characteristic of a high-performing leader. Leaders must nurture it on their own to thrive and thrive. They also have a responsibility to help protect the energy of the people in their team. Leadership will last if individuals and teams are able to consistently restore high energy levels.

‘New Normal’ means new or unusual actions or behaviors to be standardised or normal due to something such as an infectious disease pandemic, in an effort to adapt to a new situation. With the right approach, this crisis can be an opportunity to move forward and create more positive social values and impacts, rather than just a return to the status quo.


Conference Highlights