Keynote Speakers

Dr. Ahmad Rafee bin Che Kassim

Deputy Director General of Education Malaysia

Dr Hj. Ahmad Rafee bin Che Kassim is currently the Deputy Director General of Education Malaysia (Teachers Professional Development), Ministry of Education Malaysia. A graduate from University of Missouri-Columbia, USA in Information Science and Learning Technologies. He started his career as a teacher in 1993. Throughout his 28 years of service, he has held several important positions in the ministry such as Senior Assistant (Admin) in school, Senior Lecturer at Institute Aminudin Baki, Head of Centre at Institute Aminudin Baki and Director of Institute Aminudin Baki, Genting Highlands. He was later promoted as Deputy Director of EPRD (PP) in 2015 and later as Deputy Director of EPRD (DP) in 2017. He then became the Director of EPRD in 12 September 2018. On 19 August 2019, he was promoted as Deputy Director General of Education Malaysia (School Operational), Ministry of Education Malaysia until 22 December 2019.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin Sanusi

International Islamic University Malaysia

Zainal Abidin Sanusi is currently Director, Sejahtera Centre for Sustainability and Humanity, International Islamic University Malaysia while serving as an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Science. Prior to this post, he served as Minister Council (Education) at Malaysian High Commission, London. He had also served as Deputy Director, Centre for Leadership Training at Higher Education Leadership Academy of the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

A sustainability expert and enthusiast with vast leadership experience. He holds a B.A. in Public Policy and Management from Luton University, UK, an MA in International Relations from the International University of Japan, a PhD in International Studies from Waseda University, Japan and Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sustainable Development from Institute of Advance Studies, United Nation University doing research on the multilateral environmental agreement.

His area of academic specialization is governance and education for sustainable development. He has participated in many international workshop and conferences on the subject as both speaker and invited participant and discussant.

In his previous post as the Deputy Director at the Academy, Zainal had directly involved in planning, organising and delivering training program, seminar and workshop on various higher education leadership and governance matters designed for the university leaders.

He was a Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Frontier Science, University of Tokyo engaging in teaching and research on conceptual and organizational challenges in implementing sustainability science in higher education institutions.

His current research interests are Sustainability Science, Education for Sustainable Development and Public Policy Analysis.

Email: zainalsanusi@iium.edu.my

Contact Number: 03-61965408

Dr. Sherlyne A. Almonte Acosta


Sherlyne A. Almonte-Acosta, PhD, is currently the head of Educational Research unit (ERU) of Educational Research Innovation Office, SEAMEO INNOTECH. A former professor in the Division of Educational Leadership and Professional Services of the College of Education, University of the Philippines – Diliman.

She received her undergraduate degree from the College of Social Science and Philosophy (CSSP), University of the Philippines, Diliman and her Master and Doctorate degrees from the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University, Japan. She was a recipient of Monbukagakushou scholarship, the Fuji Xerox Kobayashi Memorial Fund and the Sumitomo research grants, Asian Political Science Association (APISA) research training grant and the German Foundation for International Development (GTZ) training grant. She was the former Associate Editor of the Asia Pacific Education Review an ISI journal in education, Editor of Saint Paul University Quezon City Journal and editor in chief of Education Quarterly Journal of the University of the Philippines, College of Education. As former professor she was involved with several research projects, published several juried journal articles, and contributed chapters in books published internationally. Her publications revolve on the issues of ethnicity, national identity, citizenship education, multiculturalism, school leadership, and comparative and international education. Her varied exposures and training fostered strong interest in Education and Development in Asia Pacific Region. As Education Senior Specialist of SEAMEO INNOTECH, she plans, implements, coordinates, and oversees the research activities undertaken by the Educational Research Unit (ERU) of the Educational Research and Innovation Office (ERIO). Under her leadership, ERU has published a number of knowledge products and has been disseminated in Asia and the Pacific Region. Together with team ERU continuous innovation is being endeavored to make the Unit’s knowledge product responsive with the demands and challenges of time.

Dr. Seema Manral Negi

Sanjeevani World Shcool, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Her Belief - I have a legacy to leave behind, legacy in the form of successful students who are global citizens an asset for the world.

Dr. Seema Negi, who comes from the lineage of the Indian Air Force, is a passionate educator. She has worked with some of the reputed schools and presently she is Director Principal of Sanjeevani World School, Dahisar, Mumbai. Dr. Seema discovered her love and zest towards education when she realised that her desire revolves around the development of the nation.

Being a visionary, Dr. Seema Negi’s leadership has always been dynamic and passionate. She has prevailed in the field of education for more than two decades; hence she believes she was destined to be a teacher. Currently, she is the Principal of Sanjeevani World School. She is an epitome of sheer dedication and hard work. As a team player herself, she has always believed in transformational leadership. With a great sense of pride, she empowers her team members on how a balance can be maintained between technology driven, value based education.

She is associated with many educational and social organisations, and contributes her time and efforts for the betterment of educational system and society. Her passion and thirst for learning and knowledge makes her who she is today. She believes that every individual has something special about them whether visible or not. Having confidence in your art and leaving place for no self-doubt makes a person self-made. She is bestowed with many prestigious awards; Best Academic Leader, Bharat Vidya Shiromani, Jewel of India, Shiksha Bharti, Nari Shakti, Nation Builder Award from Rotary, Visionary Leader, Pride of India, Educational Icon 2018, Woman of Substance, Super Achiever Award, Humanity Award, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Professional Excellence award and many more. She is a true leader, she leads by example hence she is the EXAMPLE, for many to follow.

Best Practices Presentations

Dinamika Guru Mendepani Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Rumah

Norhailmi bin Abdul Mutalib

SMK Jerlun, Kedah

Mr. Norhailmi bin Abdul Mutalib is a native of Perlis who received his early education at SK Datuk Ahmad Musa (1988 - 1993) and SMK Agama Arau (1994 - 1998). He then continued his studies in Chemical Science at Universiti Sains Malaysia (1999 - 2005), before gaining experience as a Science and Chemistry teacher at SMK Luar Bandar No.1 Sibu Sarawak (2007 - 2014) for 8 years.

Currently serving at SMK Jerlun, Kedah (2015 - present) as an Outstanding Science Teacher, he actively shares the best practices of 21st Century Learning (PAK21) and STEM in the classroom through his blog, www.cikguhailmi.com (since 18. 11.2012) with over 300 series of talks and workshops nationwide to improve the quality of teacher teaching.

Among his achievements are:

1. Agent for National Transformation 2014 by SKMM

2. National STEM Teacher Icon 2017

3. Vice -Chancellor of Guru Adiwira PAK21 organised by PADU

4. National Superhero Teacher 2019

He is active with international participation, including the exchange of Malaysian teachers to Korea in 2015 at Daegu Girls Commercial High School, facilitator for the STELR STEM Workshop in Bandung, Indonesia, best practices presenter for the SSAEM 2016 Seminar in Seoul and participant in the international teacher space program with NASA in the US Space and Rocket Center, United States.

Dari Analog ke Digital

Romizal Amir bin Rosdi

SMK Sultan Abdullah, Chenderong Balai, Perak

My name is Romizal Amir Bin Rosdi and better known as Cikgu Romie (Cikgu Youtube). I graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from UTM. I have been teaching Engineering Drawing and Mathematics at SMK Seri Setia Teluk Intan for more than 12 years. My students are not only at SMK Seri Setia but also throughout Malaysia who follow my teaching online. I have been producing instructional video recordings since 2010 and now almost 2000 collections of my instructional videos are on Youtube with over 1 million views.

I have produced the ‘First Green Screen Learning and Teaching Recording Class in Malaysia’. This class is used to teach my students in school and is used as a place to record my lessons to share with other students virtually. This class is one of the 21st century learning methods for students.

I once won the 2012 National Educational Blogging Champion, Best e-Learning MSC APICTA 2012 and represented Malaysia to APICTA 2012 in Brunei. I also won the National Level Innovative Teacher in 2013.

This year I won the Gold Medal in the 2iec’16 Innovation Competition organised by UPSI as well as the winner of the Aman Jaya Techno Award 2016 organized by MELTA and Kperak.

Roles of Community to Ensure Quality Learning for All Students during Pandemic COVID-19

Magdaline Jon

Dalat District Education Office, Malaysia

Madam Magdaline binti Jon is the District Education Officer (Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah), also shortly known as PPD, of the Dalat district. She is one the most promising PPD in Sarawak despite being just newly appointed. Dalat is one of the rural areas in Sarawak and some/most of the schools can only be reached through the riverway. This geographical challenge however, did not hinder her efforts to develop the school leaders thus giving students quality education despite the fact that the students are learning from home. The slogan to lead Dalat District Education Office is ‘Think with a Vision. Act with Wisdom’, with the aim to spearhead PPD Dalat management towards SIRE-EURO.

Sistem Pemantauan Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah Sekolah Rendah

Mohamad Hazawawi bin Yusof

Kinta Utara District Education Office, Malaysia

Mohamad Hazawawi bin Yusof (Mr) is a District Education Officer who lead the biggest and most challenges district in Perak, named Kinta Utara and his office is situated in Ipoh which is the capital of Perak.

As a District Education Officer for Kinta Utara, he has to manage 164 government schools, 164 school heads, 8,290 teachers and 100,041 students. Managing a big volume of clients in pandemic situation need him to re-align their strategies crafted before to be adapted in new normal, especially when it involved teaching and learning, delivery system and school governance. Students learning is the priority and teachers must have professional development focusing on sharing best practices. He then has created and used a big data because it’s a vital to 164 schools, manage them and giving an effective coaching and mentoring to develop school leaders.